Care for your child’s mind

The printing press, the lightbulb, crayons and tablets are
technological innovations that helped our children learn easier
and in safer conditions.
We are now using new technologies to help our children learn
and we are building WowMind to bridge a gap.

Learning journey

Adaptive content

Verified content creators

Safe content

School Curriculum

Non-formal education

E Learning

WowMind chooses not to be a rigid, linear education system and adapts to each
child and his educational needs.


We don’t replace formal education, but instead add
video to it and bring a systemic approach to learning
that improves on formal pedagogical models.
Digitalisation is taking steps in this direction for
decades and formal education has no choice but to be
conservative when it comes to global education.


Our software privately collects information about
how the child interacts with the platform, what
videos she or he skips, which of them she or he enjoys.

We track the delivery style they prefer and other
micro data that gives us information about the
behaviour of children online.


Using the collected data, our AI models adapt the information
to the child’s needs and delivers videos uploaded by content
creators whose style children find appealing, enhancing the
learning process.
The information we collect cannot be accessed by any other
third party and not even by our very own creators.
Only parents can access what data has been collected and
what it is used for, and they can do it at all times.

Academic ecosystem

Verified content creators deliver knowledge
in a friendly format that the child gets
attracted to. The VCCs are validated by the
platform’s systems to make sure no false
information is being delivered.

Your child will curiously wait for the
next video from our platform because
he finds it an enjoyable experience.
WowMind’s video content format is
fresh, interactive, and fun.

We make sure that our system is
beneficial for your child. This is why
we add yet another level of scrutiny
done by established European
educational institutions and their teachers that
closely help and guide WowMind.

Our Timeline


Alpha WowMind

7000 Users
15 educational institutions
20 content creators
200 videos


Beta WowMind

35.000 Users
25 educational institutions
50 content creators
600 videos


Vertically Expanding

2000 Users
50+ educational institutions
100 content creators
1000+ videos

Our Ecosystem

“Somewhere, something incredible is
waiting to be known.”